Since 2017, a new connection has been made on the road between Antwerp and Bruges, namely the extension from Knokke to Bruges via A11 (also known as E34 or N49). Your GPS is most likely not up to date.
That is why we advise our guests to come to us with Waze or Google Maps, at least for the last 10 km. this avoids a lot of frustration ;)

problem situation:
if you come via the E40, with your own GPS or on a map, continue on the E403 until the exit with the sign:
Bauwe Toren

on the exit itself, keep left:
Blauwe Toren

at the roundabout take the 3rd exit:
Kaaien 900-999

at the end of the road turn left:
Kaaien 400-799
Kaaien 900-940

(from here your GPS will do its job again and you will be delivered to our door in 7 minutes)

Boutique Hotel Het Bloemenhof
Bart & Evert
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