Generous breakfast

Room + Generous Breakfast

When you stay at boutique hotel Het Bloemenhof, the day starts with an exquisite breakfast.
Fresh rolls, a pastry, baguette,... from the bakery, as it should be!
A freshly baked pancake from your own kitchen, delicious!
Various charcuterie, smoked salmon, sweet toppings in portions or home-made jam from fruit from our garden,...
A freshly laid free-range egg according to your wishes,...

All this is brought to your table, with a choice of various hot drinks and a glass of fresh orange juice.
We deliberately do not have a buffet, you stay cozy at the table and are served at your beck and call!

Expanding with a glass of bubbles is possible for a surcharge.

Generous Breakfast for non-hotel guests

Would you like to start a day in Bruges or by the sea with a blissful start?

We occasionally have a table available for guests who are not staying at the hotel.
€25pp. Only possible with reservation at least 1 day in advance.
Reserve by phone only! 050 59 81 34 (between 9 am and 6 pm)

Generous breakfast for incoming guests

Do you want to start your holiday early and enjoy it to the full?

the day of arrival you start with a delicious breakfast, and you can go for it.
a city visit, sea day, a bike ride, be sure that you are firmly on your feet with our generous breakfast.

only with reservation minimum 1 day in advance.

Generous breakfast in De Grote Vliet

There is also the possibility for guests staying in the holiday home to enjoy our Generous Breakfast.

After reservation (min. 1 day in advance) you can pick up your giant breakfast basket (between 8.30 am and 10 am) at the hotel across the street.

You get the same breakfast as the hotel guests, but enjoy the start of the day in your own home.
early birds, late risers, dressed up or in pajamas, of course it doesn't matter.

Allergies and allergens

We are happy to take into account allergies to certain products, if notified in advance.
You can always ask Bart of Evert for information about the ingredients, so that you can have a good time with us without any consequences.

Please keep in mind that we will make an exception for you, but that this also has consequences for us in the kitchen. This means that we provide certain products for you that we do not have as standard in our assortment, and that we also cook separately for you.
Of course, you understand that there are costs associated with this, which will be on the final invoice.

Gift voucher

Would you like to give someone a generous breakfast as a gift?
For a special occasion, for a party, a birthday, or just a nice gift?

this is the link!