From our garden to your plate!

Fresh! - Everything is not that bad in Boutique Hotel Het Bloemenhof!

In keeping with today's trend, the short chain is becoming increasingly important.
We have long strived to make fresh seasonal products shine on your plate every time.

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From our garden to your plate

Evert strives in an open kitchen to prepare everything with a lot of love. In the morning you start with a generous breakfast (included in the room rate), if desired, lunch is provided in the afternoon.
In the evening you can enjoy a rejuvenated classic kitchen with a modern twist. A fresh delicious 3-course menu (front/main/dessert €42pp*) or a culinary 5-course menu (€65pp).

we also make some tasty products in-house; pralines, biscuits, jam, yoghurt,... let yourself be tempted, it's holiday!

*nice extra:

If you stay 2 or more nights with us,
and you dine with us every night,
and you decide this before of your stay
then the 3-course menu will be €39pp instead of €42pp.
this is of course also possible in combination with the culinary 5-course menu of €65pp.